Neosense Features

Neosense is bursting with features

General Overview

Create Rich Content

Attract website visitors by adding videos, images, text formatting, tables, forms and widgets to your website.

Amazing Environment

Neosense has the best working environment for managing websites and blogs, on offer. Available for Windows.

Always Up To Date

Keep your website up to date using Neosense.

Preview In

Multiple Browsers

Display your modified content in your favorite pre-installed Internet browsers before publishing on the Web.

Cloud Availability

Your content is in the cloud. Edit your content at any location you wish.


Neosense supports multilingual websites. Each page can be set in a different language.

Copy / Paste From Other Windows Applications

Neosense supports different types of content handling as well as drag & drop. You can drag & drop files from the Windows desktop and different types of Windows applications directly into Neosense.

Publish Content

Upon saving, your content will be published real-time.

So, you’re not a Wizkid?

Well, that’s OK; you don't require any technical knowledge. Neosense will take care of any technical stuff.